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Darnell School Farm
Contact: Kathy Yearwood
Address: 8820 Darnell School Road Mount Vernon, IN, 47620
Phone: 812-204-1118
About Us

Beautiful + Fresh + Delicious

100% Locally-Grown

Culinary Herbs and Culinary Herb Kits

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Located in Mt. Vernon, Indiana

Nestled on the eastern edge of Posey County, the 1/2 acre farm offers a glimpse into the beautiful array of flowers, foliage, culinary herbs and seasonal vegetables that Mother Nature has to offer all of us. Spring, summer and fall each offer unique opportunities for different plants to flourish in our southern Indiana climate, providing the opportunity to grow a wide variety of offerings for you. Follow me today on Facebook and Instagram @darnellschoolfarm Thank you!

SOIL HEALTH AND BENEFICIAL INSECTS - Improving soil health and providing habitat for beneficial insects are two of my main focuses here on the Farm. Cover crops are utilized extensively year round to feed the soil as well as to provide habitat for beneficial insects. Organic soil amendments including leaf mold are utilized in conjunction with a small amount of non-organic foliar applied nutrients to provide a full spectrum of macro and micro nutrients for the use of the plants.

HARMFUL INSECT CONTROL - Insect pressure that is plant damaging has primarily been limited to Japanese Beetles (June - Aug) as well as stink bugs, cucumber beetles, squash bugs, slugs and two species of worms attracted to tomatoes. OMRI listed insecticides are utilized (per label directions and restrictions) and precautions are employed to minimize exposure by beneficial insects (e.g. spraying just before sunset). Culinary herbs do not experience a great deal of pest pressure and are excluded from the application of insecticides.

WEED CONTROL AND IRRIGATION - Dewitt Ultraweb 3000 reusable weed barrier is utilized widely to both control weed growth as well as conserve water. I have fabric still in use that was purchased in 2015. Wood chip mulch is also utilized on perennial crops. Drip irrigation is employed across the Farm with overhead only utilized in the late fall to establish cover crops in open areas.