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Windy Meadow Farms
Contact: Shane & Melissa Minton
Address: 12600 Kiddie Rd Lynnville, IN, 47619
Phone: 812-403-0019
About Us
At Windy Meadow Farms, we raise heritage breed Belted Galloway cattle, a breed that is the "gold standard" of beef quality in most of the U.K. "Beltie" beef is lower in saturated fats and is higher in beneficial CLA's as compared to popular commercial breeds of cattle commonly raised here in the U.S. While it takes longer to finish a Belted Galloway beef, as it is slower growing compared to it's commercial counterparts, we believe the health benefits and taste of the beef is worth the wait! Whether a Belted Galloway is grass or grain finished, these health benefits hold true.

We offer individual cuts as well as bulk shares of 1/4, half or whole beef, processed locally at Dewig Meats in Haubstadt.

Located in NE Warrick county, we also raise a small flock of laying hens who are allowed to free range on a regular basis, and live the entirety of their natural lives here. Our hens are known by name and even after their laying days are done, they continue to live happily in our flock.

We have additionally added a new component to our farming adventure with our fresh cut flower patch, known as Fuzzy Cow Florals (named in honor of the unique cattle we raise). Our goal is to provide nourishment, joy and beauty to our community through offering our healthy beef, farm fresh eggs and locally grown flowers!
Our farm sits on just under 100 acres and we rotationally graze our cattle, providing the best forage possible during all seasons, and rotating to cooler, shady pastures during the heat of the summer. We raise primarily on pasture and grain finish for the most desirable texture and tenderness in our beef. Our cattle are never "feed lotted" and always have ample pasture to roam, even when they are being finished. We do not use any growth hormones on our cattle.