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Earthryz LLC
Contact: Nate & Amelie Julian
Address: 3901 Copperline Road E Mt Vernon, In, 47620
About Us
Earthryz is a small permaculture and agroforestry based farm located in Southern Indiana. We aim to produce high-quality native and specialty produce, mushrooms, and more while keeping long-term impacts on the land in mind. Regenerative and sustainable farming practices are used whenever possible. Rather than viewing each piece of the farm in isolation, our gardens, livestock, and natural landscape are intentionally integrated. Currently, we grow gourmet mushrooms, a wide variety of peppers, heirloom vegetables, berries, herbs, fruit, nuts, flowers, and more! In addition, we keep chickens, ducks, goats, and honeybees. Our farm is a work in progress and is constantly changing as we grow.